Parish Leadership

St. Raphael Parish benefits from a pastor who encourages the involvement of dedicated lay people, who share with him the leadership & responsibilities of the parish. Parishioners create a dynamic and vital faith community through the generous sharing of their skills experiences, time and resources.


Father Andrew Spyrow is the Pastor of Saint Raphael Church. As a special ministry he also appointed as a Police Chaplain by Archbishop Cardileone in October 2017. On September 2018, Father Andrew Spyrow was named Pastor for Saint Raphael Church. Saint Raphael’s pastoral staff also includes our Parochial Vicars,  Fr. Wade Bjerke, and Fr. Santos Rodriguez. In addition, Rev. Eugene Smith serves as our Permanent Deacon and Cameron Polette serves as our Seminarian.

Lay Staff

Assisting the Pastor and the priests are 4 staff members that assist in managing the key ministries of the parish as full or part-time staff members. Additional support staff handles the clerical, janitorial, and maintenance tasks of our parish complex.

Parish Council and Leadership Committees

Saint Raphael Parish is dedicated to the ideal that all members of the church are called through baptism to be collaborators and cooperators in continuing the redemptive work of Jesus Christ—the church’s essential mission.This mission is our task. Within our own community, we ask our members to guide and lead the work of parish by actively participating in ministry and by serving as leaders on the following Leadership Committees.

Parish Council
The Parish Council is an advisory body to the Pastor and staff which is composed of 12 members who reflect the diversity of the parish community. Their primary role is to facilitate the vision and goals for Saint Raphael Parish, as expressed in the long-range Parish Plan. The Council also identifies, studies and makes recommendations about issues and concerns that effect the parish community.
Mat Dalpino, Chair 415-454-8141 ext. 225

Finance Council
The Finance Committee has the primary responsibility for overseeing the finances of parish, representing the parishioners in the church’s financial management, and providing advice to the pastor. The committee meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm.
Rick Clinton, Chair 415-454-8024 or

Peace, Justice and Service Committee
The Peace, Justice and Service Committee coordinates parish outreach ministries, advocacy activities and educational programs that foster an understanding and promotion of Catholic Social Teaching and the promotion of Justice and Charity. Beth Haran, Chair 415-454-9605 or

Worship Committee
The Worship Committee promotes authentic liturgical and sacramental celebrations in the belief that public worship in the parish will integrate, motivate and renew the community and its members and deepen the faith life of each person.  The Committee sets goals, direction and standards for the overall liturgical and communal prayer life of the parish stemming from liturgical documents promulgated by the Vatican, directives established by the Archdiocese of San Francisco, as well as the Parish Plan and from input from the community. Together, with the pastoral staff, the Committee oversees community worship and ensures the highest quality of liturgical celebrations.
Fr. Andrew Spyrow 415-454-8141 ext. 202 or